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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
I think your quoting old patches there.

I would rather go with the patch Toni and others done, which lets you go over the 128GB limit. It was released a few months ago.

The icon.library is an 3.5 version that is patched. The icon.library patch posted here is the 3.9 BB2 patch.
Also note that IconBeFast further patches icon.library.

This patch is appended with 2 extra hunks to the icon.library.
The supported iconlibs are v44.532, v44.543, v45.1 and v45.4.
Since v45.5 is a special version for older WB 3.1 Amigas with
68000, most users will not need it. I would recommend v45.4.6!
V45.5.5 has no data hunk for its cache and can work from ROM.

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