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Ehm? Which manual do you use? My PRM says on page 4-61
BTST Test a Bit (M68000 Family)

Operation: TEST ( < bit number > of Destination) → Z
Assembler Syntax:
BTST Dn, < ea >
BTST # < data > , < ea >

Attributes: Size = (Byte, Long)
Description: Tests a bit in the destination operand and sets the Z condition code
appropriately. When a data register is the destination, any of the 32 bits can be
specified by a modulo 32- bit number. When a memory location is the destination, the
operation is a byte operation, and the bit number is modulo 8. In all cases, bit zero
refers to the least significant bit. The bit number for this operation can be specified in
either of two ways:
1. Immediate—The bit number is specified in a second word of the instruction.
2. Register—The specified data register contains the bit number.
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