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Cruise for a Corpse question.

Hi all
First post.
I've never owned an Amiga but have memories of using one when I was at college for a couple of years from 94-95.
I've been using UAE for Windows and Linux to play the same games that I played back then.
I like Adventures and I'm trying to find the answer to something.
Cruise for a Corpse.
There seems to be much confusion regarding the existence of a talkie version of this game.
Being new here I'm not used to the finer points of the rules.
So to be safe I won't link but I've read a post on an abandonware forum saying that this game, released for PC on floppies, also came out on CD for the PC in 2 versions. One was a Kixx compilation of 40 games, the other a Delphine collection, but both were exactly the same as the floppy version. That is not a talky.
The same post believes that the reason for all the confusion is because there was some digitized speech on the Amiga diskettes.
Well I played the game a couple of days back through WinUAE. I couldn't hear any speech on the Amiga version I tried.
Is there 2 different versions for Amiga or is the post wrong?

If anybody can shed some light on this it will be appreciated.
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