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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
AsmOne doesn't assemble it as it is illegal. btst format is dn,<ea> or #data,<ea>. Which assembler are you using that allows instructions like that? I suppose you are using it as btst #6,d0?

Edit2: Checked with different ASM1 version which indeed assembles it. The instruction still doesn't make any sense to me.

Edit: saw your reply to st-th. So if you don't want to check bit #6 in d0, what is your instruction actually supposed to do? Can it be that you're confusing btst with bftst? That's the only idea I have.

As btst your instruction is illegal!
If this instruction is illegal, then why this instruction works OK on my A2000, why works (I can hear left/right channels volume effects with EP or DT) on my friend's 68060 CPU? Why I can assemble this instruction with AsmOne 1.20?

btst D0,#6
is equal for example as
moveq #6,D1
btst D0,D1

I don't know if this one instruction is fastest than two other examples, but can be if stack is used for D1.

This one has sense (one data register is free). No sense for me has for example:
movem.l ,-(SP)
movem.l (SP)+,
and both instructions are valid.
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