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Originally Posted by gklinger View Post

It's a real shame about the lag in the USB version because the physical joystick is really great (which bodes well for this model).
Originally Posted by prowler View Post

I am working on a fix for the USB version, which is likely to be successful, but like everything else I am involved in at the moment, it's taking much longer than I would like.
Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post

Yes, the cheap USB chip filters every too fast button hittings and stick movements.
I think so.

Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
I've never felt this "delay" that everyone speaks of on the USB version. It requires a good wiggle when you first use it to stop one direction being activated constantly but after that it works as good as any joystick I've used bar the annoying notch on the fire button - but that's an easy fix.

It works - and it works bloody well to me.

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