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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
This is not btst for absolute memory locations, this is btst for choose left (bit 0 or 3) or right (bit 1 or 2) channel, easy to check with EP or DT. This was strange instruction for me, when I seen this code first time in Gaelan Griffin Music-X Driver source code. But it works OK, AsmOne can assemble this instruction too.
AsmOne doesn't assemble it as it is illegal. btst format is dn,<ea> or #data,<ea>. Which assembler are you using that allows instructions like that? I suppose you are using it as btst #6,d0?

Edit2: Checked with different ASM1 version which indeed assembles it. The instruction still doesn't make any sense to me.

Edit: saw your reply to st-th. So if you don't want to check bit #6 in d0, what is your instruction actually supposed to do? Can it be that you're confusing btst with bftst? That's the only idea I have.

As btst your instruction is illegal!

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