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Originally Posted by paranoid View Post
"most notably Williams Electronics, Amiga and 3DO. "

They left out the Atari Lynx!!! Bastards.
I know! As much as I love the Amiga Commodore were total dicks not to sign up and engineer the Suzy graphics chip from the Epyx Handy (which became Atari Lynx 3 years later). One of his finest pieces of work and technically stunning for something just a few years after the A1000 prototype chipset.

In an A1200 + Suzy with hardware graphics scaling it might have been possible to do a Doom clone. Certainly the 6502 3.6mhz Lynx has better/smoother Doom style engine in AvP prototype game for the system compared to anything on a stock A500.

I saw him in History of the Amiga video and he was on stage talking about the Atari/C= buyout years. He's a funny guy, certainly a character indeed
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