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Thanks for the heads up Cyberdruid, I will check it out next time I post an image. My main computer is down at the moment and I am on the laptop till I reinstall the main drive, but way back in the early 90s I use to run a photolab. We had a piece of gear called a slidewriter, which is pretty much obsolete today, but back then was pretty amazing. It was basically a 35mm camera mounted in a box above a high res monitor that allowed me to take photos of high res graphics. I made some pretty cool stuff back then, long before digital imaging caught on.

I was buddies with a local friend who ran a Pirate board called Hangar 18, and Area 51 in Florida. 7 nodes, all HST at it's peak! It was Hybrid WHQ, and I ended up doing some graphic work for the group, included some really nice Hybrid Mousepads.. which again, today sounds stupid easy, but for 1991, it was pretty amazing.. The Fairlight wallpapers made me think of it. If I still have them, and anyone is interested, I can upload the Hybrid images when I get the main box back up...

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