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Originally posted by fiath
I think it was the Saddam virus that did this... If it was not a tune, it certainly tried to damage the floppy motor.

Didn't that "fake" UAE (on the official UAE page!) play a tune on your PC drive? I never wanted to test it....
No, the Saddam virus just mangled files on your disk beyond repair (lost a copy of "Escape From Colditz" this way back in the day, but I got a copy of the virus, so it was worth it!)

The file that made the disk drive play the 'song' was like a screen hack type thing. I still have a copy of it somewhere. Pretty nasty, but not much worse than some of the loader routines on a lot of games I had back then.

Oh, and I also have the text file with the nasty things to do to people (with the disk bomb; soaping floors, steps and handrails on school stairwells; injecting gasoline into lightbulbs, gas in balloons; shrapnel bombs; molotov cocktails, etc.)
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