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Were there any great Amiga hacks (ie remakes using new gfx)

For example did anyone take Shadow Fighter/Fightin' Spirit and replace the graphics with Street Fighter 2 style graphics for example. Or did anyone hack the Lotus II game and replace the graphics with some Outrun style graphics?

It kinda irks me that both many conversions were pretty poor and yet there were some amazingly good game engines that with a change of graphics would have been a more professional compromise.

I think any slightly taxing arcade game usually got a really bad conversion on the Amiga. Look at Gauntlet II FFS, it looks about the same as a Sega 8-bit. And to add insult to injury we didn't even get an ST port of the original game (who's only problem was scratchy samples and lack of fast scrolling, both of which any US Gold monkey brain coder could have avoided in hardware)
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