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Originally Posted by st-th View Post
Are you calling me a liar?
You don't want to give out anything, and you must have a very good reason for this. So, yes, I suspect (which means I'm far from being sure) you have nothing at all and are just talking. You wouldn't be the first one to do that !

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
No release until specific things are done. PERIOD. What's so hard to understand about this?
Nothing's hard to understand here. You really behave like someone who's got nothing to show. Period.

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
And you don't have to worry that I will drop this project. I've invested too much time into it by now and want to see it completed. And I sure want to get all the fame for doing it. (LOL!)
If you're not quick enough, someone else (like myself) will get bored and do the patches before you release them, so beware

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
Here are the relevant lines from Am2_CPU:

lbC006C0E:      MOVE.W  (lbW05EF24).L,D0
006C14          CMP.W   #$0000,D0
006C18          BEQ.W   lbC006C82
006C1C          CMP.W   #$0007,D0
006C20          BEQ.W   lbC006C82
006C24          BTST    D0,#????$0E     ; illegal instruction $013C060E
006C28          BEQ.W   lbC006C5E
01DACE          MOVE.B  ($001A,A0),D0
01DAD2          CMP.B   #$06,D0 
01DAD6          BPL.W   lbC01DB1A 
01DADA          MOVE.B  (A0),D2 
01DADC          BTST    D0,#????$2A     ; illegal instruction $013C002A
01DAE0          BEQ.B   lbC01DAE6 
01DCB6          MOVE.B  ($001A,A0),D0 
01DCBA          CMP.B   #$06,D0 
01DCBE          BPL.B   lbC01DD10 
01DCC0          MOVEA.L A0,A1 
01DCC2          MOVE.B  (A1),D2 
01DCC4          BTST    D0,#????$2A     ; illegal instruction $013C002A
01DCC8          BEQ.B   lbC01DCCE
Still seriously doubting, meynaf?
Certainly no longer doubting : your "illegal" instructions have absolutely nothing illegal !
 BTST D0,#$60E    ; 013C 060E
 BTST D0,#$2A     ; 013C 002A
Perhaps you need to switch to another disassembler...

But there is a bug here, as BTST operates on bytes. $60E is instead treated as $0E.
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