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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
It may well be because there is no code at all
Are you calling me a liar?

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
And one day you'll just drop the project because you got fed up with it, leaving all people here with nothing. Please reconsider a partial release, even just a few data files.
No release until specific things are done. PERIOD. What's so hard to understand about this?

And you don't have to worry that I will drop this project. I've invested too much time into it by now and want to see it completed. And I sure want to get all the fame for doing it. (LOL!)

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
As most of the code is compiled, I seriously doubt this...
Here are the relevant lines from Am2_CPU:

lbC006C0E:      MOVE.W  (lbW05EF24).L,D0
006C14          CMP.W   #$0000,D0
006C18          BEQ.W   lbC006C82
006C1C          CMP.W   #$0007,D0
006C20          BEQ.W   lbC006C82
006C24          BTST    D0,#????$0E     ; illegal instruction $013C060E
006C28          BEQ.W   lbC006C5E
01DACE          MOVE.B  ($001A,A0),D0
01DAD2          CMP.B   #$06,D0 
01DAD6          BPL.W   lbC01DB1A 
01DADA          MOVE.B  (A0),D2 
01DADC          BTST    D0,#????$2A     ; illegal instruction $013C002A
01DAE0          BEQ.B   lbC01DAE6 
01DCB6          MOVE.B  ($001A,A0),D0 
01DCBA          CMP.B   #$06,D0 
01DCBE          BPL.B   lbC01DD10 
01DCC0          MOVEA.L A0,A1 
01DCC2          MOVE.B  (A1),D2 
01DCC4          BTST    D0,#????$2A     ; illegal instruction $013C002A
01DCC8          BEQ.B   lbC01DCCE
Still seriously doubting, meynaf?

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