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Originally posted by Akira

Eh? viruses don't kill disk drives!
i mean the the diskettes not the disk drives themselves
the disks were soo old at the time and used that reformatting them would just render them useless
they were too damaged to do anything else than be read off
when you rewrite a floppy you shorten it´s lifetime more than just reading (just like the videocasettes) but i guess you know that
this stuff was pretty old when it came to me
then i had no antivirus progs
the only virus defence i had was the write protection button
i had no idea which were infected and which were not
so in the end i couldn´t save anything

(when i was using this computer i only knew how to play games on it)

Originally posted by Mick_AKA

did anyone ever make disk bombs at school??

you take a floopy apart, take the magnetic disk out then fill the disk with nail polish with matchstick heads grated into it, when the drive trys to read the disk it BURSTS! into flames

used to screw up high school pc's all the time with that one, wasnt i naughty
yes i read about those in some terrorist handbook i had somewhere once upon a time

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