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Thanks for all the comments, guys, and thanks for watching.

Yes, I am starting to hate the 10 minute time limit. I always have to make cuts. For instance, I had a section on Scorched Tanks and the story behind it that had to be cut.

Still, you know how it goes. If they gave me 20 minutes I'd fill that up and want 30, etc.

You're right about Team 17. I was on their website searching the forums and letters and that was a major complaint. I guess they are fixated on Worms because it made so much money for them. Can't blame them there, I guess. I tried Worms3D a few times, though, and just couldn't get into it--not nearly as much fun as the 2D versions.

I played so many artillery games growing up; it was one of my favorite genres. I even played a really cool on called Gravity Wars on my Amiga. It was a public domain game that had a klingon Bird of Prey and the Enterprise battling it out in space. You had to input an angle and power, but the trick was there were a bunch of planets between you whose gravity affected the torpedoes. It was just so much fun!

I also played Artillerus and Scorched Tanks quite a bit. All good stuff, though I think Worms easily tops them all.

I looked up "angry videogame nerd" and watched a few of his videos. Looks like he's got a budget and perhaps a crew to help him out. Pretty funny stuff, but definitely raunchy.
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