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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
too bad that the protection for futurwars is always there with scummvm.
I know, which is even more ridiculous. The ScummVM team's excuse, last time I checked, was that they don't have the permission of whoever holds the copyrights to the game. But who actually owns it at the moment? Delphine went belly-up several years ago and to date I haven't seen any documentation or proof suggesting that somebody picked up all of the company's IP since then. If a company no longer exists, and can therefore no longer offer support for a title which long stopped being a seller for anybody, never mind stopped being manufactured eons ago, then I would say it's perfectly viable to just disable the code protection anyway. So STOP BEING A PRICK ABOUT IT!

In fact, that just set me off on another thing altogether. Communities like LucasForums and ScummVM say they don't want to risk getting themselves into trouble with the companies by eliminating decade-old manual/code protection, but if they believe LucasArts would say something about it, why had they in later years eliminated code protection from games which previously had them (be it CD-ROM re-releases, or even cracked interpreters included as part of budget releases)? None of the Steam adventure re-releases so far include any built-in protection, unless you include the general Steam protection, which is kinda more put on there by Valve rather than LucasArts. So it's bullshit to assume LucasArts would sue them out of existence for getting round dated manual protection (which they don't even believe in anymore, and haven't believed in for more than ten years) for out-of-print titles. It's just an excuse for people to act like toffee-nosed collectors and make a mint out of overpricing old DOS titles on eBay.
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