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Originally Posted by skateblind View Post
Surely these games are already cracked for scummvm? I don't remember needing to input the correct codes to play the games. I completed MI1 and MI2 on the PSP btw.
I think the CD version of MI1 has no codewheel protection. But some of us are likely to still have the older floppy version (EGA or VGA).

jotd: I took your suggestion of looking at the WHDLoad slave sources but the way it's written I can't quite understand how to translate it into hex offsets. Besides, it seems slaves for all-pre-MI1 games do memory patching. MI1 source is the only one which seems to specifically reference a data file, and Loom/Maniac/Zak don't include any sources.

Surprised you managed to translate your Amiga MI2 hacking code into a match for the PC port though. The Amiga version divides the game data into several files whereas on the PC it's all in one big file. Did you have to extensively search each and every data file for a matching offset?

Oh, and one question to Retro-Nerd: how exactly did you come across that program in the first place? Google couldn't come up with an original source site (although I'd imagine that the author wouldn't want to make it too public in case LucasArts had a childish fit about it, or something).
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