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Wish to hack out code protection in a few PC games. Anyone wanna help?

I'm hoping that one day I can edit out the summon-the-code-protection calls in the following PC adventure titles:

The Secret of Monkey Island (EGA and VGA floppy versions)
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (EGA version)
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
Maniac Mansion

However, I'm specifically looking to see if it's possible to apply a *script hack*, rather than a simple executable hack. I examined Amiga Patch List and noticed in its guide some instructions to hex-edit one of MI1 Amiga's data files instead of the program file, so I know it's theoretically possible. However, it seems that while gamehacking programs for AGI and SCI games exist, no such program appears to be available for SCUMM titles, making a possible script hack a lot harder to implement. Of course, even if I was able to hack that way, I'd still need to understand certain commands numbers in the code and what not.

How complicated is it to find specific code in a SCUMM game and modify it? (Before anybody mentions WHDLoad or ScummVM, I specifically want to hard-code a hack in.) All help is appreciated, thanks.
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