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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie View Post
oh, didn't think about that... accessing the router, that is. gimme 5 minutes

Hmmm... Liveupdate works.

Router seems to work, but can'tget the interface (only got the AWeb coming with OS3.9 installed, might just be old version)(Rechecked with AWeb from the EASYNet install, works)

rechecked DNS, now set to same as in routers' infoscreen.

Still refuses to surf the web, though :scratch

:EDIT: Whoops, typed in wrong DNS address.....

surfing is now working, however, I can't connect to the PC via AExplorer nor EASYNet's hosts
Hey I fixed your problem! You now owe me my $100,000 which is my usual fee for advice

I posted a thread somewhere here about connecting to your PC using EasyNet, it should even be possible to access your PC's CD/DVD drive that way.

Basically you need to share a folder on your PC and enable file sharing and update your PC's firewall to allow the Amiga to connect to it. In EasyNet the username/password fields are the username/password you use to login to your PC.
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