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@ Burge.
Well, I never said I didn't die A LOT!! Replaying some of those areas because I mised one object was a nightmare!
I will 'fess up & admit I got help for one thing. Towards the end,on the volcano unless you type in an exact phrasing, you were effectively stuck. That was a nightmare.
But, the pool wasn't too bad-typing some of the action's "in time" (ie: before you died), was though-& finding the sunsceen was an absolute pain in the butt!!

Don't get me wrong,didn't mind the Lucasarts games either, but not all were immune from death-Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade anyone?
Would love a complete solution, with all the bonus areas/points ie:All the phrasings to avoid fighting. Discovering using the radio room in the castle to disable the security door of where his Dad is being held captive, & climbing up into the top of the Zepplin, finding the correct route to climb onto the getaway plane etc.
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