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Okays, I got the new wireless yesterday, and tried it quickly.

After a little fiddling, I got to connect to the network... or at least the router.


I can now ping both ways (ie, PC-Amiga and Amiga-PC utlising EASYNet)
I can NOT:
Load a web page
connect to the Amiga with AmigaExplorer (says something about TCPIP fault error)
Connect to PC with EASYNet (no (t)error message) (Yes I've got a shared drawer on the PC, I've got the right network name in EASYNet, and I've got the right "everything")

So I'm once again, stuck... however, since I can ping the router and my own PC (Haven't bothered with me GF's PC yet, and it doesn't really matter )I'm halfsure there's just something small and silly I've missed.
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