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Originally posted by 7-Zark-7
I found Leisure Suit Larry 2 (& on the Amiga as well),"easy" ie: it's one of the few adventure games I've managed to finish without ever referring to the solution!!
Larry 2 the easiest adventure? My God man! My friend and I who have played *a lot* of adventures in our time (it's personally my favourite genre), found it, like many Sierra adventures, to be devilishly hard. I mean, how the hell did u know to dive in the swimming pool to get the bikini bottoms that you couldn't finish the game without? And the frying puzzle, that was deadly also. Falling off the cliff also resulted in death. Man that game was unforgiving. Well, kudos to you Zark if you really completed it without hints.

But go for Day of the Tentacle. Best adventure ever.
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