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Originally Posted by |cy[ool View Post
My box is the A5 sized one, and contains only the quick key control guide, a firebird registration and a firebird sticker.. thats all.
I have two different versions of Amiga Elite:

This version came with the following:
  • Disk
  • Quick Key control guide
  • Space Traders Flight Training Manual
  • The Dark Wheel by Robert Holdstock
  • Registration card
  • Ship Identification Chart (Folded A3 Poster)
  • Firebird Sticker

Pretty sure this version of the game has manual protection and without the books you're stuffed as you cannot play!

This version came with less stuff... cannot find it just now to confirm, the box is quite different to the other (and 8-bit versions). It is the newer version v2.0 with extra features (probably just bug fixes?) I think...

NOTE: I did not buy either brand new so cannot be sure that the items that were in the box were not from other sources, but I doubt it.

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