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usb joypad problem

hmm, this should probably go in hardware problem forum, but judging from searches I've done within EAB, most of the joystick related threads occur here, so here goes...

I recently bought a 'Super Joybox 4' and 'Super Joybox 5' (usb, psx - pc gamepad converter), It works perfectly under all other emulators on my system (mame, epsxe, freezesms amongst others)

I used to have a USB sidewinder, which worked perfectly fine under Winuae.

For some reason I cannot get my new PS controller to work in Winuae. The gamepads appear in the 'gaming options' control panel. and they have correct controller id's.

As I now can't get my Sidewinder to work on Winuae now, I'm getting a bit angry (it still works in other emulators).

The driver that had to be installed for the superjoybox's were Human interface usb drivers.

any suggestions on how to get it working?
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