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Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
I have the Amiga version (published by Firebird) and it sounds like yours is NOT complete.

You should have a disk (obviously ), an A4 sized Keyboard Controls card, a small Manual booklet and a book called The Dark Wheel, which was a "novella" to set the scene for the game. I think there is a poster showing the ships in service as well. If you look up Elite for the C64 at Gamebox 64 you will get an idea of what I mean and be able to download the novella and poster.

These all were in an A5 sized box, does this sould like what you have?

I could be wrong but I've an idea that the C64 version was a bit more generous than the Amiga version regarding extras in the box.

I'm thinking of the poster and novella... I say, I maybe wrong.
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