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Bad news.....

I dusted off the old A1200 last night and it fired up straght away, but........

It looks like the hard disk has given up the ghost. The Amiga hangs at a black screen when you switch it on and the HD makes a clicking noise, Pressing Ctrl-A-A reboots the Amiga and it will then load workbench off a floppy, but I cannot see the HD drive in Workbench, should it just be there? I tried firing up Shell and typing dir DH0: but it just asks for a disk to be inserted for DH0:

Am I doing this the right way?? Any other ideas?

I've ordered a 2.5" usb adapter form Ebay so i can try connecting the drive to my pc and see if I can get anything of it that way.

I'll keep trying, but if the drive is dead then I'm afraid CMEd is dead! I used to have it all backed up on floppy disks but there is no sign of them anymore. I'll also get my family to check in the loft back home, but that might take a good few weeks.

Sorry to have built up your hopes!

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