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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
If you can prove they are selling pirated roms contact cloanto and let them sort it out. I very much doubt they are at least not through their webshop.
Well it is exactly the same items with the same 700 and 1000 Amiga games on each CD respectively with the same title names on webshop and on his e'bay sausage account.

I'm sorry but as clearly these CDs are supplied with a fully configured and working copy of UAE then it is my duty to report this person who causes the Amiga fans such problems and we could all do without his holier than thou attitude..

Suitable contact address for copyright concerns within Amiga Inc for superfast response of cease and desist response anyone?

Moral of the story, if you're going to be an asshole in the Amiga community, you better be spotless yourself on every possible level and every avenue of business.

edit: Clearly UAE needs kickstart roms to function otherwise no point putting it on the CD and saying the games will work on PC directly using the CD + UAE (as opposed to saying Kickstart roms not supplied and must be obtained separately)
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