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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Looks like ImmortalA1000 missunderstood the jokes of ant512 and Akira. Cloanto have the WB/KS distribution rights, nothing more. APC & TCP has nothing to do with it.
Sorry no I know it was a completely separate question and a bit off topic I realise this. I have seen some comments in bold red writing about this company on this site, things like how they're actively legally protecting their IP/Copyright on their games etc so found it interesting that

a. They include presumably unlicensed KS/WB files on their games compilations (which I doubt they have asked for permission for every one of 1000s on each CD to produce legally seeing as even Cloanto haven't done that to 100% satisfaction)

b. They are overprotective of games produced by themselves everywhere.

c. They rely on GNU General Licence Public software to make money with nothing presumably given back to the developers of UAE in any flavour.

I know copyright on software can be extended indefinitely according to changes in the copyright laws of the EU...maybe if they are not so angelic they need to remove these products from sale or start paying Amiga Inc a few 100,000 euros in back payments
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