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winuae is a windows application so if you can run winuae you can run other windows apps too right? under windows......
winuae emulates amigas.. an emulator that emulates the hardware that you are running to run the emulator... I'd like to see that one :-)

a winuae problem.. I think not
a feature it could defintely do without.

anybody want to be the first to make this marvelous piece of emulator magic? surely it would make news all round the world.

but holdon.. what about speed.. I have always wanted a pentium emulator.. slow down utilitys aren't very good and winuae does a good job speed wise.. so maybe it is not such a stupid idea of creating this. but of course I am talking about hardware a generation ago so guess it doesn't count, as your only emulating only certain instructions at certain speeds which is only part of your own system.

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