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Installing Boing Bag 1 for Amiga 3.9 fails, Help

I have been away from the Amiga scene for some time but want to get my machine back in running condition so I've done a fresh install with AmigaOS 3.1 on a Amiga A4000 D with Warpdrive 040 which seems to work fine and even allowed me to install the non pink version of 3.9 but when I go to try to install the first Boing Bag 1 I get the following error:

Sorry... an Error has occured!
Interpreter: Executing non-function.
The program terminates and closes.

I have used SnoopDOS to follow what is happening but it doesn't seem to point to anything in particular that is failing.

I have also found that trying to install MUI 3.8 gives similiar error on the install:

CopyLib: Can't open file " " in line 299
DOS Error Type: Unable to locate a file or drawer

without getting MUI running I can't get my Amiga networked or to the internet. I would be very appreciative if anyone has any insight or answers to whats going on with these above problems. I have done a search on this board and also Googled this without any success. It seems to me that I'm the only one having these problems? Public or private emails accepted. Thanks
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