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Hi Paul

The Amiga community is still very alive as you can see by the activity on EAB. It's great that you have taken the time to acknowledge you're still around and willing to do this for us. I for one do still play Championship Manager 93/94 all the time via WinUAE and I have always wanted to update the data to the current stats.

I'm not as technically minded as alot of the users on here when it comes to the Amiga hardware but there are a number of ways to transfer data from and to the Amiga using a PC, I'll let one of the more experienced members aid you for that.

Congratulations on the birth of your child, I'm sure I speak for the most of us that would love to see this editor that family life is priority and just knowing that in time I will eventually get my hands on a copy of the editor is enough for now.

Waiting with great anticipation.

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