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I can't believe the little app I wrote with Allan Turvey back in 1995/1996 is still alive out there.

I was having Sunday lunch yesterday with my wife and a few friends when she mentioned to one of them that I had written an application many moons ago and sold it to people. There was a bit of scepticism around the dinner table so I did a quick search on my IPhone (how things have changed) and then I started to find forum posts from people who have been looking for me since 2002, and trying to get an unlocked version of the editor.

So it looks like we are just short of 13 years since the final release (v3.00) which went up to Aminet in early August 1996, I had just finished my first year at university. I still have the Amiga 1200 it was developed on in the garage but it has probably only been fired up once or twice in the last 13 years as I defected to the PC!

From what I can remember the app was written in AMOS basic and then compiled using the AMOS compiler, a bug in the AMOS compiler meant that if I compiled it on an Amiga 1200 with 68020 processor it wouldn't work on a A500 with 68000, so it became 68020 only.

I'm a bit short of time at the moment, my first child as born 6 weeks ago, but I will try and dig out the A1200 over the next few days and see if it will fire up still (might even treat myself a a game of SWOS), if it does still work then I can probably find the source and key file generator on the old 20mb hard drive.

I'm very rusty on the Amiga these days, how can I get the source off the machine? Is it possible to add a network card to an A1200? Any advice would be appreciated.

I'll let you know how it goes as soon as I find some time.

Do many people still play Championship Manager on the Amiga?

If I am successful I will release everything I have.

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