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My greatest gaming moments (all without cheats or hints):
1. completing Faery Tale (what a bloody huge game)
2. getting to the end of Shadow of the Beast (before getting killed by the big toe)
3. completing Dune II (last level is a bastard!)
4. beating Super Nashwan in Speedball II: 702 to 2! (bit upset they scored in the last few seconds)
5. winning F1 Grand Prix by smashing all other cars

Non-Amiga (not cheating):
1. completing Half-life (many times), Halo, DOOM (many times, many ways), Warcraft II, Quake II
2. completing Rad Warrior a.k.a Antirad (CoCo 3), Blue Max (Atari 800), looping level 9 many times in Montezuma's Revenge (Atari 800)
3. Half-life: getting all three scientists into the lift, then sending it up with a bomb in it. (kaboom!)
4. Half-life: getting a scientist to follow me into an end-of-level revolving door, which then crushes him (usually impossible)
5. Doom: blasting all monsters from one level into a lava pit they normally don't get into

(lots of other funny Half-life and Doom achievements I can't remember at the moment)
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