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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
Ah the Good Old Amiga Vs ST willy waving.... makes me feel like I'm 14 again. Glad I stayed out of it and bought an Acorn Archimedes which imho technically pissed on both in some areas, (although wasn't strictly a games machine) yes it lacked custom graphics/sound chips but had a whole lot going for it.....

Sadly it never had the scale of software/hardware development that the Amiga/Atari had (and in many ways still have)

No I'm not trying to turn this into an Archimedes Vs Atari Vs Amiga mudslinging contest.

That said... I'm getting an Amiga soon
Atari Lynx are cool tho... I've still got mine
When I had an Amiga, I saw an advert in the Pixel Magazine about the Archimedes with a big font - Emulates XT.
I used this some months as a joke to a friend who was Amiga fan but did not have one. I said to him - "Why don't you buy an Archimedes - it is so good, that it can emulate XT?".
He said he better buy Amiga.
One year later I emulated XT on my Amiga500 with PCTask, so this was not Acorns advantage.
I used to have Atari MegaST with a hard drive and PC emulator card inside, which was given away to me. The ST part was so useful, that the previous owner partitioned it's 20MB hard drive to two 10 MB partitions - one ST and one MS-DOS partition. I tinkered with the ST for about two days then gave it away. The most annoying was that even if it had a monitor, the games were not displayed on it. Later after I gave it, I was told by an Atari user that I had to connect it to color TV to see the games and not only hear them. What a joke. Whatever, it was too late, but I do not feel sorry. Now I can play all the ST and STe games on my AmigaOne with Hatari at full speed, and even some Falcon software. Does E-UAE play on Atari hardware at full speed? Please exclude ARAnyM which is not Atari hardware.
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