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Hey Guys,

In the past few years I have probably spent well over 5k on Amiga Parts. There is always that 1 rare part you want that was part of a system or a lot being sold on ebay. I have even bought out the remaining inventory of a dealer in my quest for the ultimate Amiga Parts. I ended up scoring a 2060 with 64megs of ram in a 2000 for a $99 buy it now on ebay...

I now have 7 2000s, 4 1200 desktops, 5 1200 towers, 2 3000s, 1 4000, 2 or 3 1000s and like 3 500s... With enough cool parts to put together a small museum. I also have 3 Commodore 128s, 5 64s that people keep giving me being the only Commodore guy everyone knows, a a ton of parts and add ons for all of them. All in all I am pretty happy with my collection, only missing a few key parts left. I could use a few scan doublers / flicker fixers, some 060s maybe. Possibly some usb cards and a Picasso 4 or 2 also... And I am still on the look out for a Mac Mini to run OS4.1 on, and maybe another 4000 to tower and deck out, mine has the soldered buster 9 on board...

everyone has their habits though, right?

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