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Great work you are doing here PPill, first class all the way. I have recently been decking out a 1200 and came across some interesting stuff you might find useful for your A1200 version. I noticed a bunch of people talking about a cf card solution for the 1200. While this is great, they would still have to write out the ADFs to floppy to use them. The CF card would give you the benefit of additional storage space and possibly allow for multiple disks to be sent at a time rather than writing them out as they come in, but it doesn't really address the need to write them to floppy for use.

During my research I came across this little gem on AmiNet, an app called ADF Device - ADF_Device.lha. It allows you to mount up to 16 virtual floppies and easily swap adf images in and out via command line. I found it extremely useful for installing apps and looking through multiple disks in my archive. I can not even begin to tell you how much time it has saved me. I have the 1200 set up in my bedroom while my 4000 with most of the stuff on it is on the other side of the house in my office. It's a bit of a walk, not to brag or anything. After multiple trips back and forth, a few bad floppies, and incompatible versions, this little beauty has really made a home for itself here, and it is only 14k LHArc'd. It may warrant attention for your A1200 version, at the least come in handy for you!

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