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I grew up poor in the 80s and never had the chance to go amiga when the rest of the scene did. So I stayed on the 128 in the 64 scene and claimed it was a political decision like most of the rest of us

About 3 or 4 years ago I decided to try and relive part of my youth and I went on an Amiga Binder. Many Many Amiga's later, and say 10 to 15k usd, I have a pretty nice stock pile now, including the remaining inventory of a dealer I bought out. I have like 7 2000s, with most of the different style face plates, I was surprised just how many variants there were. The only one I still want is a 2500, for some reason I just want 1... A buddy of mine gave me a 1000 which was what started the endeavor in the first place, though I have never really played with it. I got busted in the 80s for hacking with my 128, and they confiscated all my gear. My dad bought me a 500 a couple years later, but it mainly sat in the box as I really didn't know where to begin with it at the time. I have a 4k toaster, and 2 3ks. The 500+ is the only other Amiga I would like to score along with the 2500, if anyone is interested in a trade or anything... The woman likes to rag on me for all my Commodore Junk I am a fan.. got the 1200 and a 128 set up in the bedroom. Got my 128 pretty decked out also, with Ramlink, CMD HD, and some other goodies...

here's a pic if anyone wants to see...

All running on the SUN 18" LCD... pretty sweet setup if I say so myself.. the 1200 is on a slide out keyboard drawer to the left of the monitor under the desk.

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