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At you can buy it for 140 Euros + 5 Euro postage.

edit: TCD was faster.

@frikilokooo: You shouldn't expect too much from the Wiz, however. Its predecessor, the GP2X, could already run Turrican II "fullspeed" with sound at frameskip 2 when overclocked to 275MHz.
There seems to be a bottleneck related to its memory access which prevents the Wiz from being really twice as fast. It's faster than the GP2X, but not by that much as the 700MHz might make you believe...

Btw., Apidya crawls at unplayable speed. Still many Amiga 500-games work "fullspeed" with sound at frameskip 1 (okay, for me fullspeed means frameskip 0 and 50fps - that's why I write it quoted).

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