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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Yeah, yeah, good rabbit No really, nice to see you provding a solid base to the tracker mate

Okay gavilan, if you are a member here or at least see this message, would be nice to hear from you, otherwise your account will be gone tomorrow evening.
Im sorry if i caused any troubles.
Sorry for not being here before to explain. I didnt "hit ´n run". I just posted on another forum looking for a Scandobuler manual, completely forgot about this thread

Thing is, im running Torrent from the computer 24/7. Im seeding ALL the time even when im off the PC (most of the time).
I have uploaded more than 1GB if you can see my numbers. I just dont have a very fast ADSL connection, thats it....

Please i would like to be a member again if possible...really im seeding all the time, i guess you can check that?
And ATM i can see a 0.371 ratio in one of the torrents im seeding.
Im just trying to donwload "The Ultimate Amiga Collection", and as donwloading im also leeching it with no uploiading speed limit...

Please, can i be a member again?
Kind Regards

Oh, BTW, the reason i was out of this place for some due to family health, concerning cancer in 2 members of my family..

Kind Regards
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