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Stop it now Atari knocked out something quick and dirty with a purchased 5 years old OS with way worse specs for games and demos, ofc the games would not be as good They did almost catch up with the STe 4.5 years later, and it still had GEM, so it sucked. (BIAS WARNING!) Both the Falcon and A1200 with accelerators were too expensive and too little too late.

The only ones that are still around were the ones that both made great hardware and an OS that is made for MMUs, ie. doesn't require reboot on program fail, ie. were as safe to use for serious work as Windows. (Big car ad asterisk and </sarcasm>, but what the hell.) They did their own fucking awesome CPU ffs

And yet software devs abandoned all of those within a matter of years, so they sort of died. Users switched from "the coolest games EV4R!" to "Cool games and something stable and with software that I can use for serious stuff too", I guess. Owning a computer happened to people of all ages and not just to the below-18.

The ST and Archimedes and the Amiga were great when they came, let's not forget that we bought them just to see the dazzling graphics All but ST were innovations. These are the facts, gentlemen.
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