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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
After much deliberation, I've decided to put a demo of the MLM editor I have been working on for a long time, into the Zone. - Included alongside WHDload pre-install, which is needed for it to work.

The demo is restricted to the first 3 epochs, but should give you an idea of the direction i'm taking it, although I admit, I am not currently working on it (which is why i've always been dubious about releasing anything) .. I'd like to release the full version along with a full-game update, so apologies for the 3-epoch limitation at the moment.

There's currently no help system, so just try left/right clicking any icons you can see on screen (including arrows), and you should get asked questions. If you need further help, check out the YouTube videos i have demonstrating the editor... the most recent of which can be found here: [ Show youtube player ]

i'd be interested to gauge thoughts / ideas / feedback / bug reports etc, although, as always i reserve my right to ignore any I feel like.. hehe There's some obvious flaws / failings in it I do know about, but may not ever be fixed. Dont even ask me if it works with graphics cards!

Have fun.

Nice horace,

Glad you finally decided to release this, .

I should get round to make the samples you asked for over a year ago, .
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