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Thumbs down Pauses

Originally posted by Akira
Updated the thread name so it makes sense....

This is no emulator problem. I tried the WHDLoad version on my A1200+030@50, and it kind of freezes for a second every now and then. VERY anoying. Do any of you know why this happens?(Codetapper? Galahad? )
Amazing how many people have played the WHDLoad version when I've never really released it! Only a couple of beta testers ever got it yet most people seem to have it it seems!

Anyway... that bloody pause bug has caused me hours of grief. In various places in the code are stupid empty DBF loops and I originally tried altering these but still the pauses remained.

I found a similar problem in the game Plutos and eventually tracked it down. It tested some value and if it was greater than a number (12 from memory) it didn't do the pause at all. Hence you would find the scrolling would go really erratically. It was probably done to make the game scroll smoothely on an A500 but with faster CPU's it didn't work at all.

I will make a note to recheck Ghosts'n'Goblins and see if I can find when the delays occur but it's a tough ask. The delays make the later levels almost impossible as you have to time jumping on platforms to perfection and when the game suddenly stops for a second it makes it more of a reaction based game - wait until the game starts working again then madly tapping up on the joystick!

Also I remember Galahad saying that to remove those pauses would be a big job aswell, so it probably is a major!
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