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Originally Posted by aphextwinned View Post
? sometimes you piss me off with your methodical analysis of everything obtuse !

irony is, in this quote there is no direct name, yet I am sure everyone knows whom you refer...

truth is though, he has a very valid point (as always ) a second hand PSP slim 2000 or 1000 both can be got for around £60 for a basic second hand model will serve you so well..

one just needs to accept the fact that once you have the PSP its no longer SONY's so hack the damn thing and make it your own.

I have 30 Playstation 1 games on my PSP and 18 PSP titles, (also I have Snes emulator with 80 games (80% of games DONT slow down), Megadrive emulator (120%) with over 100 games (including megaCD titles!), Gameboy Advance Emu with 60 games (Flawless), FUSE specky emu (lol) with 1.3gb of specky games, PSPVice cb64 emu with over 500 titles)...

the wifie bought me the psp-slim as I humming and harrring over getting one for a year.... I dont play enough games I said..... blah blah....

oh silly me....

I have upgraded the battery from 1200mAh to 3600mAh, I have a CR-5400 with dual 16GB MicroSD cards in giving 29.8GB of storage

so I have spent well into another £100 on it since I have had it.

GP2x IMHO is over rated, and can JUST about run a DivX movie, when deciding on what I wanted from a hand-held I put a little comparrison together.

Remember prices are a little old.

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