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Originally Posted by kirk View Post a last resort i cud try my old sega master system pads (dont laugh, they had great dpads), i used to use em on amiga but wud need an adaptor for pc, and i suppose that wud involve lag of some sort (i got lag using an adaptor for ps2 pads)
Not sure about wireless, but finding any decent PC gamepad does seem ridiculously difficult, especially for use with emulators like WinUAE...

As far as the sega master system pads - it probably depends on what games you play - for example, in a game like SWOS, where you need very good response from a gamepad/joystick, the guys at say that the master system pads are actually not very good at all, even on a real Amiga. The MegaDrive pads however are excellent!

I currently use MegaDrive pads on my real miggy, and also in WinUAE, via an adaptor I made that plugs into the parallel port of my PC. I haven't noticed any lag at all. The good thing about the adaptor is you can use your original Amiga joysticks/gamepads on your PC with WinUAE, much better than using PC based gamepads!

I also made a USB adaptor, but haven't tested it enough yet to notice if there's any lag or not, although I think you get some lag with most USB pads, same goes for wireless...

If I hear of any decent wireless gamepads I'll let you know.
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