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I cannot find a decent pc gamepad for amiga etc emulation

hi all,
ive tried loads of pc gamepads and they all disappoint, usually by having lousy dpads.
ive sick of wasting time on duff pads, all i want is a dpad that can stand up to the most hectic 2d shoot em ups.

im trying to find a wireless usb gamepad with the following 3 criteria--

1.a really good dpad.

2.a small compact wireless reciever that plugs into usb port (not the dangly hockey puck type of reciever that most wireless pads seem to have).

3.turbo/autofire function that can be applied/removed to single buttons (not a blanket turbo function that applies to all buttons).

thats it !, thats all i require, but believe it or not im having trouble finding a pad with these basics covered.the sweex pad on looks interesting but i can not ascertain the reciever size or vouch for the dpad.

any suggestions much appreciated

what do you use for miggy etc emulation.

tip, try playing fuzzball on miggy without a top notch dpad and you will get nowhere !

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