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If they had millions of dollars they would just have given management bigger bonuses that year nothing more.

The only thing that would have saved commodore was having enough cash to R&D a PPC machine with out of this world 2d/3d video and 16 bit sound to keep competitors away for 10 years.

The C64 game them enough cash to buy the Amiga. Selling Amigas should have given them enough time and cash to jump to PPC. From there who knows what would have happened.

Doing consoles was a waste of time, they should have invested in a software division making apps to show off the desktop Amigas (1000,2000,3000,4000) while getting good games ported to the games machines (500, 1200). All the other machines (500+, 600, cd32, cdtv) should never have been made. They should also have kept the 8 bit line going for cheap school/game systems.
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