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I was planning to buy Amiga Forever 2008 yesterday, and what do you know... there was a knew version out. I was able to upgrade for $20 (since I already own the 2006 version). The first thing that I did was boot from the CD into the Amiga emulator available via Linux. I was impressed by it. I didn't mount any games or anything, but still, it WORKED. I've always found it weird that you could boot a working operating system (Linux) from CD and now I find it even stranger that you can boot a working Linux that seamlessly and automatically boots an Amiga emulator.

After getting over the "boot into Amiga from CD" happiness (was that available in 2008?) I installed the program and tried a few included games. Cool-- it worked. I had some trouble getting my hard drive files to boot but someone helped me in another forum to get that to work. So, basically, today I have my PERSONAL Amiga now on my PC. My PC is getting on four years old now, but the emulator works okay.

I have no complaints about Amiga Forever, and I was surprised that some people don't like Cloanto. I've always thought that they did a good job with what they sell. Apart from the actual emulator I think that the best part of Amiga Forever are the DVDs available in the Premium Edition. I have the 2006 versions of these, and I guess that the 2009 version uses the same DVDs. If you haven't seen 'em, then you should!

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