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Originally Posted by switchblade View Post
It would've been better if they never released the 2000, 3000, 600, or the CD32. I have a hard time understanding why Commodore never released a CD-ROM add on for the 1200. It would've been cheaper to do that, instead of releasing a home console like the CD32 at the most inconvenient time.

And sorry for sounding like an idiot, but was there any good reason why the ECS chipset was designed and released in the first place? Because I don't see one.
The 2000 & 3000 were excellent machines. Why would you wanna get rid of those?! The 2000 in particular was highly sought after for Video Toaster solutions.

Nah, the 500+ & CDTV were the biggest mistakes. The 600 was interesting and gave the aging 500 a significant upgrade... although yeah, I would've skipped the 600 and just gone full blown AGA with the 1200 rather than ECS.

It's a shame the 4000 didn't use the better A3000+ board which was scrapped for a cheaper design.

CD32 was far better than the CDTV and actually pretty useful when you added on the SX32 for example...
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