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I already have a dingoo console for several days ago.The Neo Geo and CP1/CP2 emulation is AWESOME!better than I expected

The SNES emulation is also good but the frame rate a bit lower than Neo Geo and CP1/CP2,anyway completely playable.There are some games that do not work.

The NES emulation is perfect,full frame rate,it's great to be able to play Super Mario Bros

The GBA emulation is as good as or SNES emulation or even superior!,shame that GTA does not work,perhaps using a different rom version works...anyway great to play Winning Eleven or Dragon Ball game.It seems that there are some games that do not work,Not sure yet.

The Megadrive emulation is the worst by far,many games suffered a blur defect when there is movement,it's not important but annoying.The emulator is the slower one but perfectly playable.Anyway depends on each game,for instance Golden Axe 2 is fast and without blur defectThere are some games that do not work.

Best of all is that the same day I received the console I already played all the emulators.I guess that the WIZ console requires complex tutorials to install emulators,that is what I wanted to avoid.What I only ask for the future is a new Megadrive emulator version without blur defect and MAME emulator
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