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To crack the check "easily":

Edit offset (dec) 16701286 of the bin-file, change old value (hex) 67 to 66.

Unfortunately this is not the only change needed because image has 2352 sector size which means checksum and error correction data is included in the image and sector won't load without fixing them.

Easy solution is to download CDMage (quite old utility but perfect for this job. I used v1.02-1b5), load .cue, answer yes to filesystem corruption question.

Select Track 1, open Action-menu, select Scan for Corruption, click Scan.

Scan should find single sector that has errors.

Open Action-menu again, select "Rebuild Sector Fields" (do not select "Repair Corrupted Sectors" because it will use error correction data and undo the patch..)

Do not change any setting, Click "Ok" and then "Yes". Finally "Ok" and image is now both cracked and has correct headers.

Burn the image or use CD emulator to play this stupid game

Someone else can do proper patch or whatever, I don't do that kind of stuff

ADDED: quite stupid compiler (or something) used in this game:

0007A950 303c 0000                MOVE.W #$0000,D0
0007A954 3b40 8142                MOVE.W D0,(A5, -$7ebe) == $00022d2a
0007A958 303c 0000                MOVE.W #$0000,D0
0007A95C 4a40                     TST.W D0
0007A95E 6700 0008                BEQ.W #$0008 == $0007A968
0007A962 4ef9 0007 aac0           JMP.L $0007aac0
0007A968 266d 8018                MOVEA.L (A5, -$7fe8) == $00022c00,A3
Really "optimal" code..

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