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The problem all computer makers faced in the mid 90's is in reality what all computer users actually wished for in the 80's and 90's. For all computer hardware and software to be compatible with each other. This would only ever happen if there was a single OS and hardware that was based on an open design that anyone could build using off the shelf components. This is why the PC ended up being the dominant computer and all proprietary hardware based computers slowly died. The Amiga and other platforms lived on longer than expected due to large fan bases keeping them alive, but commercially they were already dead.

In answer to the actual thread question. I have no idea where Commodore would be today had it survived and still had money in the bank. Would the Amiga still be going? I don't think it would be, in its original form. Maybe it would still be surviving as the Mac does, as a small niche market, but for that to happen its complete hardware and OS design would have needed a complete overhaul to keep up with the commercial demands of today. Had it been developed with the same original vision of creating a system with graphics and audio ahead of the time then the Amiga might have ended up as a workstation based system, which is a market that doesn't need volume sales to survive, but technology able to achieve cutting edge functionality within the industry.

I don't see how the Amiga would have been able to survive any longer than it did in the video games market. The original Playstation showed the world what consoles could deliver at an affordable price compared to a PC. And so the mid 90's was the real end point for home computers and video games. For gaming it would have needed a huge investment on a level with that now spent by M$ and Sony and it would never of happened.

As someone else said in this thread. The Amiga was a master of all at its height. Able to deliver the technology to create the best games of its era, but also able to give users an OS capable of some of the best productivity in the marketplace, especially for graphics and video work. These days, unless it is a PC, a system has to choose to be one or the other.
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